As a company, InfinitEnergy values the need to conduct the affairs of the firm with integrity and in accordance with good governance practices, transparency and is committed to upholding the governance principles incorporated in the Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct set out in King III Report. In addition to this, we are entirely compliant with Broad-Based Economic Empowerment principles and with all the respective sectoral and industry empowerment requirements relevant to all our portfolio companies.


  • To remain cognitive of, and acclaim dedicated and committed staff and management members that contribute to the achievement of the organisation's strategic goals.
  • InfinitEnergy appreciates and believes in the ability of all its staff and management teams to progressively partner with the InfinitEnergy group, in achieving its primary goals as well as the endorsement of development opportunities and advancement of human capital.
  • InfinitEnergy has always recognized the vital role played by management, in stimulating a culture of optimum performance, continuous development and the retention of talented personnel within the organisation.


  • We are committed to solidifying our position and making a difference in global commodity markets.
  • We will ensure sustainability and growth by harmonising the needs of our stakeholders, with those of our staff members.
  • Our energetic and enthusiastic team will ensure success through passion driven initiatives and vigorous skills development.


Delivering to our customers
We endeavor to utilise all our resources in order to ensure that we provide our customers with the respective products, services and solutions to suit their varying needs, and thus remain an integral part of their growing teams.

Keeping a promise to our people
We encourage and assist staff, as well as management to explore and unleash their full potential.

Delivering to our shareholders
We will provide long-term positive returns to our shareholders, through diverse investments and by imparting all available skills and efforts to meet our various targets and deliver on our commitments to shareholders.


Charter Compliance
The charter does not only relate to ownership but involves the following:

OWNERSHIP: We are 100% black owned.
EMPLOYMENT EQUITY: Emphasis on male vs. female vs. race vs. disabled. Compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements.
PREFERENTIAL PROCUREMENT: InfinitEnergy Company Policy is to assist and utilize services and goods from other BEE Companies. To be the preferred procurement partner, InfinitEnergy has forged local partnerships to acquire business from Commercial clients/ end users.